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Feb 14, 2019

Jac Hutchinson joins Jac (AKA The Jac’s do Podcasting) to discuss ways to keep sane balancing numerous client projects in different time zones and ways to keep clients on track.

I am the CEO of e-Learning Pros Instructional Design Inc., a Caledon, Ontario based instructional design and development firm offering outsourced elearning instructional design, development and LMS administration. Our focus is instructional design and program development with the goals to solve your business problems and encourage behavior change. While we focus on the E part of learning, we also create online and blended learning solutions, job aids, workbooks, checklists and any other learning aid required.

As the host of The Lounge Podcast ( I share information about learning, development and employee performance improvement. I’m a dedicated lifelong learner – I spend a lot of time every day reading, researching and learning new and exciting things I can put into practice for myself and my clients.

I am blessed to have the most supportive cheerleaders helping me do my best work, my husband and daughter. I currently have two furry friends who keep me company every day, my 13 year old dog and a 6 month old kitten.

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