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May 2, 2019

This week I chat with Laura Templeton from 30secondsuccess. We chat about communicating what you do with confidence, making connections during networking, and how the way you think about networking influences your outcomes.

Laura Templeton, Founder and CEO of 30 Second Success, is an entrepreneur, connector, speaker, author, writer, wordsmith, creative soul, network and branding specialist, coach, mentor, friend to many, wife, mother, and a woman of faith. She believes in the power of building others up, helping everyone find their personal message and giving them a voice in order to be heard.

She says, “It’s not about pitching. You can pitch all day long and get the ball across the plate every time, but if the batter never hits it there’s no connection. In business you need to connect, not just throw stuff in the air and hope something happens.” So, if you’re ready to “Ditch the Pitch, and Start Connecting!”™, if you need a message your sales team can stand behind with confidence, register for one of our programs or schedule an appointment to work with Laura directly.

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